How To Take Great Summer Photos - Photography Tutorial


How To Take Great Summer Photos

Lokosnimka - When going on summer holiday trips you want to bring a good digital camera with you, so you can capture all the amazing moments on your vacation. But what should you keep in mind when photographing with a digital camera on the run? Follow these steps:


If you are photographing your travel partner in front of a landmark, make sure to make a contrast to the foreground and background, but don’t make the background blurry which will only confuse the viewer to not be sure about distances or size.

The Right Angle

Also try out different angles and perspectives to find the one that fits the best. A photograph taken from the floor, looking up at a person looks completely different to the same person photographed from above. And it’s just the angle that has change, which is amazing.


Contrast is the difference in brightness between the darkest and the lightest part of an image. You can control the contrast by darkening the areas that are overexposed or by simply increasing the lighting on the areas that are under exposed. This should always be in your mind while photographing. Travel photos look so much better when having that extra pop of contrast.


You always have to keep in mind to charge your camera before you go on a trip, and don’t forget to bring your adapter as well because you will be shooting so much the battery is going to be empty faster than you think.

Be Ready

The most important thing is to always have your camera ready to capture the most amazing moments that will create great memories. Just take load of photos of the same thing or place because you can always delete the ones that you don’t like. Good luck and have a nice trip!

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