How to Take Photos in Sunlight

How to 
Take Photos in Sunlight

Lokosnimka - The summer is near and the sun is only getting brighter and brighter. But every time you pull out the camera for pictures the sun gets in the way, it somehow blends you, makes the image look dark, etc. Don’t lose your hope, we are here to help you:

Tips When Capturing Photos In Sunlight:

Manual Mode: First you want to set your camera on manual mode. This will make it a lot easier for you to control the photographing. Shutter speed should be 1/250th, and aperture f/8 which will give the best sharpness. ISO should be on 100, white balance on auto, and use 55mm lens.

Timing and Position: Try taking the photo in the morning or in the late afternoon. Avoid the sun when it’s on its brightest. Try different angles when you are photographing a person in the sun, and avoid to cast your own shadow on that person.

Protect yourself: The sun tend to get pretty hot, and if you are planning to do a lot of shooting in the sun that day remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses, because at some times you will look directly into the sun.

Lens Flare: Watch out for flare, avoid shooting directly into the sun and keep the filters clean.

Flash: You can fill in the picture with a bit of flash to make less contrast, but be careful with unwanted shadows.

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