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My Photography Tutorials - Shooting 3D Photos - Tips+Advice

Photography Tutorials - Shooting 3D Photos - Tips+Advice

Lokosnimka - Is it possible you ask? Yes, it is. But you will need patience and some practice to succeed in taking great 3D photos, but the steps are simple, very simple, and they are usually called the cha-cha steps, check it out:

1. The photos need to be taken in portrait orientation. You have to set the camera on manual and choose focus as well as exposure, and choose the subject that you want to photograph. When you photograph the first picture, stand on your left foot without raising the other, and on the right foot without raising the left for your second picture. Like a cha-cha dance, right? And that’s all you have to do.

2. Now you have two photos that you need to bring together. You need a good software program for processing, one that is called StereoPhoto Maker works fine. First you will drag both photos onto the StereoPhoto Maker shortcut icon. Then you can zoom out if you want to to make it easier to fuse the pair into 3D with the cross-eye technique. Now click the swap button to swap the images correctly for a crossed eye view. Then you want to click on the auto align button to use autopano to correct any distortions, and after you’re done with that you should click on the “Easy Adjustment” button to fix the 3D images position to the 3D window. You can add a border if you’d like. And at the end you save the image and there you have your 3D photograph.

3. There are some advantages and disadvantages with doing it like this. The good things are that you don’t need expensive specialist 3D equipment, each image is in high resolution so you can get a clear result without blurring, you have unlimited control over the focus and aperture setting, and you can do it with any kind of camera. The downsides are that this method obviously only works with still object that don’t move between shots, and any movement will destroy the effect. Other things that are bad are that it is time consuming and it is easy to have errors on the photos if you get distracted when doing the cha-cha technique.

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