Photography Tutorials - Wild Animals Photography Tutorial


Wild Animals Photography Tutorial

Photography Tutorials - Wild Animals Photography Tutorial

Lokosnimka - Something that not everybody does is taking pictures of wild life and wild animals. But if you are one of those who plan to get into wildlife photography you should first practice framing your photos. 

Go out in your garden or the nearest park and practice with dogs and birds, so you get familiar with their movements. You have to be comfortable with taking shots of moving targets. You can never now how a animal or especially a birds is going to move, so be patient and you’ll finally get the results you desire. 

Always remember to have full battery and extra memory card, because that is the last thing that needs to destroy the perfect moment in wildlife photography.

 You should decide what kind of animals you want to photograph and read about them to prepare for their behaviour and also to easily know where to find them. 

Then you have to know how to move slowly and quietly so you don’t scare away the wild animals.

That is a huge problem, but after some practice it’s not so hard anymore. A must for this kind of photography is telephoto lenses because they bring you near the animal without disturbing it. 

When photographing animals and birds, remember to focus on their eyes, and shoot during the morning or right before dark because the light is dramatic then and the animals are more energetic during those times of the day. 

You should always have the sun behind your back so it can brighten up the animal well. But always have in mind that you have to practice a lot, be patient and careful if the animals tend to be dangerous.

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