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My Photography Tutorials - Underwater Photo Shoot

Photography Tutorials - Underwater Stock Photos

LOKOSNIMKA - A ton of beautiful photographs were shot in the diverse underwater world, and underwater photography is considered one of the most creative types of photography.

First of all you need a good underwater camera. Second you need to get close to the thing that you are photographing because water tends to reduce color, sharpness and contrast, so be around 12 inches from your object. 

underwater photo shoot - For the best results shoot in an upward angle, it will make the object look more powerful. Remember to use forced flash mode. Something that a lot of people forget is to practice their diving skills, because obviously you need them when you shoot underwater. 

The photos will contain a lot of close ups so practice on that and make sure that the person’s eyes are in focus if you are photographing a human that is swimming or posing under water. Make sure the camera is on the highest resolution but the lowest ISO, and use spot focus mode.

If you decide to shoot with natural light, make sure the sun is behind you and that you are no deeper than 20 ft under water. The shutter speed should be 1/30th for still objects, 1/60th for slow moving objects, and 1/125th of faster moving objects. 

underwater photo shoot - When it comes to the practical things you should pick a place to dive near where you live. Always remember that you have to be ready for some surprise under water so be prepared. Find a good background. Practice and be impulsive and you’ll come a long way.

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