Photography Tutorial | What is HDR Photography?


Photography Tutorial | What is HDR Photography?

What is HDR Photography?

Lokosnimka - You’ve surely seen the amazingly colorful pictures with strong contrast that are called HDR photos, but have you wondered how these are made? HDR is an abbreviation for High Dynamic Range, which refers to the level of exposure on your camera being used in a wide range, from low to high.

Every time you take a picture, the level of exposure will dictate which elements will be accented and which will be lost.

Choosing low exposure makes it able to capture shadows and dark ambients in general, but you will lose the highlights. On the other hand, high exposure makes all the shadows blend together and get lost in black, while you get the best of bright details. Sticking to the middle will result in a compromise that lowers the quality of both dark and bright areas, but it’s the best you can get in one shot.

So, how can you take shots of scenes that have both motives you want to capture? That’s when HDR comes into play. The idea is to make several shots of the same scene using different exposure, from lowest to highest, and blend these into one photo, getting the best of both worlds. As a result, you get these almost surreal photos that are so incredibly rich in color.

This technique is known as merging, and it requires several LDR (low dynamic range) or SDR (standard dynamic range) photographs to be made into one. With many photo editing tools available even to beginners, making HDR photos has never been easier, especially with the special software that will guide you through the process.