How To Make Beautiful Landscape Photo - Photography Tutorial


How To Make Beautiful Landscape Photo

Lokosnimka - The first thing you want to do when you take pictures of sunset is of course the weather. It should be clear but with some clouds because they tend to reflect the light in a nice way.

 Now the best way would be if there is a little space between the clouds and the horizon, if not the clouds will darker up the sun and at some cases completely block it. 

The finest photos of sunsets are those where you wait 5-10 minutes after sunset so the sun rays hit the clouds and gives them amazing colors like red, orange or even pink. One thing you should also consider is to focus more on the sky and not so much on the ground. 

Leave little space for the ground or whatever landscape and give most to the sky. This gives a more dramatic effect. Also remember to avoid trees, they can only distract and ruin for the sunset.

For better results you should stand on a hill where you can overlook the landscape and the horizon, and there will not be so many trees that can block the vies. When it comes to setting up the camera you first need to think that the picture has to be vivid with a lot of contrast. 

Also keep in mind that you can not take a picture in an auto mode, you have to set your camera to some sort of manual mode, it would be best to set it in aperture priority which allows you to control the F stop. Use F stop 8 or 11 if you want a clearer picture but F 5.6 is just fine also. 

Now change your ISO to the lowest setting like L.1.0. Don’t use RAW mode because it will give you low contrast, so use JPEG because it will provide vivid colors. The last adjustment is the white balance that you set on sunny mode.