Five Ways to Get the Most Candid Shot


Five Ways to Get the Most Candid Shot

Five Ways to Get the Most Candid Shot

The best event photos are those that look natural and sincere. So many people, though, have a tough time ignoring the presence of a photographer and a camera, and they freeze up, become shy and stop taking part in the moment. As the photographer, you must learn how to seamlessly move about the event snapping shots when the person least expects it. You almost want to become invisible. If you can learn this trick, you will never fail to create great photo memories. Listed below are five tips on how to get the most candid shots:

Lauren Phillips has been a professional event photographer for 16 years and owns the site  She likes to write articles about everything photography.goog_990396245Stand back: Keep your distance from the people you are photographing. This allows you to remain “invisible” and keeps them from freezing up when they see you taking a photo of them. To do this, use a long-focus lens. This will allow you to focus in on a subject several feet away and get the same shot as if you were standing right beside of them. 

This type of lens also makes it easy to create the nice effect of blurring the background while keeping your subject in sharp focus.

Move around as little as possible: Before you start shooting, study the area and find a few spots to get shots. Your long-focus lens should allow you to get great photos from a small number of designated places. Doing this will allow you to move around as little as possible, making you even more invisible to other people.

Shoot from the hip (literally): Even if you are keeping your distance, there are still those people who will always notice when a photographer brings a camera up to their eye; causing them to become shy. To lessen the likelihood of this happening, literally shoot from the hip. You may have to try a few times before you get a good shot, but digital photography makes it possible to try as many times as you want. Shooting from the hip also allows you to get shots from a different perspective without having to draw further attention by crouching down.

Never use your flash: Most professional photographers already do this, but it is always important to stress the importance of not using a flash. Shooting with a flash screams, “I’m here, and I’m taking multiple pictures of you!” To make sure you get the best shots without a flash, arrive at the event early and take a few test shots. Make sure you know what the lighting will be like before people start to arrive. This will allow you to set up your aperture, shutter speed and ISO and get a few test shots in without anyone noticing you.

Wear dark colors: Most events are dimly lit, so if you wear a dark color, you will easily fade into the darkness (along with your no-flash camera). Basically, you want to be a wallflower. You want people to never know you were standing ten feet away from them taking photos while they were dancing. Do this by dressing as simply as possible in solid, dark colors.

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