How To Shoot Star Sky - Simple Tips - Photography Tutorial


How To Shoot Star Sky - Simple Tips

LOKOSNIMKAIt doesn’t have to be that hard to photograph stars as it sounds like. You don’t have to be a professional to capture a beautiful night sky. Follow some simple steps and you’ll see how easy it can be done:


You will definitely need a digital camera that will let you operate manually. Also remember to carry a tripod and a telescope with a camera mount for it.


The area you pick should be away from the city, and from all kinds of light sources. You want the sky to be pitch black with no so-called light pollution. Local astronomy groups tend to put out their recommendations on websites, so that would be smart to check out.


You have to know that your star photography will leave trails because the Earth rotates while you photograph with slow shutter speed that are open for some minutes. That doesn’t have to be negative because a lot of photographers prefer to have trails in their star photos. If you want crisp clear photos you need to have an equatorial mount and a motor drive which makes it easier to track the stars. And you already got a telescope with computerized mount you then have what you need to track.

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If you want to add some planets or moons to your star photography you should attach your camera to a telescope. But for only star photography you don’t have to follow this step.

Capture It

Open your aperture all the way and hold the shutter open for about 2 to 10 minutes if you want to photograph objects like comets, and 20-30 minutes for distance galaxies. Minimize vibration by going away from the camera while it’s shooting, you don’t want the picture to come out blurry after half an hour of waiting. Do not use coast flashlights.

Practice Makes Perfect

You have to be patient, and try over and over again before you get the nice photo you want. Play with settings and find what works best for you and your style. Good luck.