Incredible Photography Tricks | Trick Photography & Special Effects Secrets For Beginners


Incredible Photography Tricks | Trick Photography & Special Effects Secrets For Beginners

LOKOSNIMKAIncredible Photography Tricks | Trick Photography & Special Effects Secrets For Beginners, In this modern day and age, thousands of new technological advances are popping up in the world of photography. 

With all these progressions come lots of new photography equipment with incredible features and abilities just waiting to be tested out, from super-zoom lenses to images so sharp just looking at a picture of the ocean makes you feel the foamy salt water lapping at your toes. 

No matter if you’re an aspiring photographer trying to stay afloat in the competitive world of youngsters just like you or an experienced professional looking for some new tricks to spice up your usual style, in this article you’ll find the top most incredible photography tricks that are sure to make you stand out, no matter your competition.

The ability to capture and preserve a fraction of a moment that the healthiest, sharpest human eyes have nowhere near a fast enough reaction to register is one of the coolest features of modern photography. 

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A wine glass shattering, droplets of golden liquid reflecting nearby images as they ricochet apart in midair, a tiny fraction of a second away from plummeting to the ground; A water balloon bursting over a laughing child’s head, sunlight bouncing off the water suspended a centimeter over the child’s soon to be soaked hair, the fractured red latex of the balloon splayed over her neat braids like a strange hovering hat. 

Those are the kinds of moments that are almost too cool to be real when seen onscreen after being captured by the wonders of high-speed photography.

If you’re looking to attempt this awesome photography technique, there are several methods you can try using various equipment. The best advice I can give you is to experiment: Try out several different scenes in order to see which ones look the coolest with the uber-fast response of the camera and remember to take hundreds of pictures of each scene to make sure you’re capturing the exact right moment.

Every photographer knows that horrible feeling you get when you’re studying your latest photographs, find the perfect one that really captures the essence of what you were shooting, and then realize that it’s completely blurry. 

Incredible Photography Tricks | Trick Photography & Special Effects Secrets For Beginners

While most blurry photographs look extremely amateurish and are unusable, a new photography technique that hasn’t yet gained much recognition actually includes blurring photographs on purpose. If you blur the right picture, it can create a swirl of colors and shapes that are very pleasing to the human eye. 

When trying out this technique, you can use a slow shutter speed to create a blurry effect or manually edit blurriness into a regular photo after it’s already been taken using photo editing software. The best photos on which to use this photography trick are ones that capture lots of flashy bright colors, such as the nighttime lights of a big city or a twirling woman in a sequined red skirt.

There is a whole world of awesome photography tricks out there for you to try out. When experimenting, remember to be patient, and take tons and tons of pictures. Once you find a trick you like and understand how to perform, practice it, and your photos are guaranteed to stand out as unique masterpieces in no time.